Hi, I'm David ↯

With my first glasses :)

I am researching and implementing integrated solutions that cover distributed systems, provably correct dynamic user interfaces using statecharts, sovereign internet of things (with its electronic and physical substrate), cybersecurity, quantum encryption (as a recent interest), high-quality music reproduction systems, novel approaches to social networking and pragmatic information storage and retrieval solutions.

It is only possible to "dabble" in all of these because they are "connected at the edge" which means the reverse system architecture from the usual ones today (all computations at the edge of network, as close to the end user as possible). This comes with some tradeoffs and a lot of benefits.

I like to simplify when at all possible and this also makes for a very different approach than observed usually. A lot of times I am only able to simplify because someone else has gone out of their way to invent something that looks simple on the outside. Another factor why this can indeed be done and done properly is because we're not doing it primarily (or at all) for profit. There is no top-down pressure nor strict or unreasonable deadlines. Collaborators don't get paid and that's why they are few but it doesn't matter, some still contribute because they can see the bigger picture. By not expecting external compensation for quite some time, the system can be in a completely different thinking dimension than otherwise.

I have a profile and a blog on a modern decentralized system called fasterix, reachable at fasterix.com/david — you can contact me through a messaging system over there Soon™.

My complete resume is here. I am not an academic (I do have a BSc. in computer science though), a natural business-person or an official scientist. I aspire to be a generalist with practical results and “A Crude Look at the Whole” worldview.