I live in Slovenia. I grew up with early personal computers and beginnings of the Internet. I then somehow stumbled into being close but still far from Web 2.0 evolution. When crypto / distributed systems revolution slowly started getting traction I managed to be closer to everything than ever before. I am still an outsider of course. Currently just trying to build life-changing distributed apps on my own terms and with great care for usefulness and sustainability. Great software must justify physical energy and human attention it is consuming. It has to be net positive for the world to survive or it becomes history too soon.

Planned and recent trips

24.1.2023 - Ljubljana - SLO-CHIP 2023
22.4.2022 - Amsterdam - Devconnect 2022

Currently reading

Wanting - Luke Burgis
The Cryptopians - Laura Shin
Maker of Patterns - Freeman Dyson
Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned - Kenneth O. Stanley, Joel Lehman
Molecular Origins of Human Attention: The Dopamine-Folate Connection - Richard C. Deth
The Art of Doing Science and Engineering — Learning to Learn - Richard W. Hamming
Mystery School in Hyperspace: A Cultural History of DMT - Graham St John (Author), Dennis McKenna (Foreword)
Rest, Play, Grow: Making Sense of Preschoolers (Or Anyone Who Acts Like One) - Deborah MacNamara PhD (Author), Gordon Neufeld PhD (Foreword)

NEW Fundraise 2023

Proposal [ Building trust one € at a time | SLO ]

Finance is more likely to be used for good if the rules and expectations are clear. All parties benefit in well-designed economic systems.
As time passes, the success of this simple win-win collaboration will be acknowledged, and valuable lessons will be learned by all those involved.


We greatly appreciate the individuals who assist in our Knowledge Network and receive well-deserved benefits:

1.1.2023 Person A locked 10 k€ for 1 year
13.1.2023 Person B locked 8 k€ for 2 years
19.1.2023 Person C locked 30 k€ for 1 year
24.1.2023 Person D locked 20 k€ for 1 year

All participants are earning a fair and secure return on investment while also engaging in valuable information exchange.
There is still some available space. Please review the proposal (linked above) and contact me if you wish to be a part of this initiative.

Total invested = 68 k€
Total returned = 0 €

Performance and promise keeping can be tracked on this page for now and soon in a dedicated online space specifically for participants.