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David Krmpotić, B. Sc.
Last update: 2017

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How I feel today: I'm a little bit of a chess player, just enough to (I think) know how real chess players think. I was enough of an alpinist to (I think) understand the mountains. I write enough computer code to be (I think) considered one of the coders. I love farming in the field, I tried it once. I occasionally like to use psychedelics like pure air (I think) to keep my mind flexible. I like to go a bit crazy from time to time, it's healthy for sanity.

I'm a bit scared of giving friends access to some of my inventions or adjustments to things because (I think) it will cost me time which will prevent possible next inventions. I still do release software hacks now and then, excited to do hardware side as well because modern times require modern approach. I mostly hang out with humans who leave when I mention homeopathy, gambling or iguanas. I plan to collaborate with more people as time goes by but will never be afraid to completely cut ties as I feel required so that space is created for most optimal next adventure for you and for me and the entire human race. Feel at ease doing the same to me if suitable. Sometimes stars shine better separately.

My favourite math segments are: combinatorics, linear algebra and cryptography. I mostly understand just the basics because (I think) sometimes that's enough. My favourite figures from society are Robert Anton Wilson (check him out), Socrates, Richard Feynman, Ada Lovelace (no diversity policy was applied here), Ed Viesturs, Richard Hamming, Leonardo Da Vinci, Terence McKenna (this one *is* crazy) and all the crypto pioneers. Closest real person is Andreja who keeps me organised and challenges my ideas (and vice-versa).

Sorry for this long string of words, I apologise for consuming your attention. You have only one brain, use it wisely and examine each day of your life. Make sure the correct information reaches you most of the time. I hope this is a good advice.


I was born in Slovenia, after finishing high school I started studying Computer Science at University of Maribor, Slovenia. Upon entering high school I was awarded a full governmental scholarship for gifted students which I continued to receive during college.

I graduated in 2005 with work Extending open-source compilers with domain specific languages. I was investigating the possibilities of expanding a higher level programming language compiler with an arbitrary domain specific language. I successfully completed the task by expanding open source Mono C# Compiler with Feature Description Language (FDL). The article resulting from this was accepted and presented at ITI 2005 international conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

A list of completed courses from my computer science undergraduate studies is attached.

In 2003 I spent one semester (five months) at Barcelona School of Informatics at Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) as a foreign exchange student.

In summer 2003 I completed three months internship at Campinas University (UNICAMP) in Sao Paulo, Brazil (one of the best technical universities in Brazil). I worked with professor Akebo Yamakami. My work was mainly math related.



1996 - Won the national competition for best computer program with my version of Tetris written in Pascal (that was in primary school).

2000 - In high school I received a 2nd award on national physics competition and 3rd in computer programming competition.

2004 - In college I was awarded a prize of Chancellor of University of Maribor as the best student in generation in all technical faculties (rektorjeva nagrada).

2005 - Received a 3rd award for the best idea at Microsoft's national competition (Diamind template - you can check it out under Projects).

2006 - First prize in Ljubljana at annual competition for best business plan - that included some funding and was provided by LUI (Ljubljanski Univerzitetni Inkubator).

2006 - Received funding for another project (60words.com) from TiPovej (organization that helps young people realize their ideas) - this project had to wait a few years.

2010 - Received 1st prize for project Odpiralni Časi at Simobil (our second largest mobile operator) Android competition among 50 competing Android applications.

2010+ Nobody rewards me anything anymore, maybe I just changed.





ELM RESEARCH 2016 - present

We are extremely understaffed and besides strategic planning I'm fixing various computers (from 8MHz to 3GHz) around the office so that I can get actual work done which is to set up more computers that need constant fixing.

IPAK Institute 2013 - present

Stopped working on April 1st.

Odpiralni Časi Sept 2008 - 2012

Odpiralni Časi / OpenHours is a successful search company for central europe (Slovenia) with Google partnership in selling ineffective ads.

Greco Aug 2006 - Jun 2008

Greco is a reputable systems integrator and software specialist from our local region.

Cosylab May 2005 to Sept 2005

Cosylab is a team of science fanatics building control systems for large-scale physics facilities like big telescope arrays and other space toys..

While at Cosylab I developed a prototype application for showing terrain maps on handheld devices. Duration: 4 months.

I joined Cosylab after finishing my studies and later decided to leave to pursue my own project. I feel lucky to have met a couple of very interesting and talented people - especially the founder Mr. Mark Pleško.

Open source

It's awesome!

Student and high-school work

Before graduating I worked on a few projects for electrical engineering companies:



In summer of 2004 I was working in Food & Beverage in Yellowstone National Park, USA. A letter of recommendation from my manager is attached.



ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)



I am fluent in Slovenian, Serbo/Croatian, English, Spanish. Used to know Portuguese and German which I keep forgetting again and again.